Syria approaching a strategic victory

Over the past  few days, Syria witnessed one of the most significant  changes.  The Syrian government troops  moved  south-east towards the Iraqi border signaling a fatal failure of  the US plans in Southern and Eastern Syria. The Syrian forces will eventually  restore all of the territories currently held by US proxies and other terrorist groups, the Canadian “Global Research” center reported.

In the North-West,  Saudi, Qatari and Turkish-funded Takfiri “rebel” groups, are positioned around Idleb and to its north. The latest spat between Qatar and other Gulf states has significantly weakened these  groups and plunged Idleb into yet more chaos. Meanwhile, Syrian Government  troops  maintained their positions in the North and kept the  borders  sealed. But eventually, the Syrian regular troops will move in and decimate all terrorists remnants and fully clear Syria from them.

True, there are still so many areas that are yet to be restored by the Syrian forces and true that some negotiations are to be held to decide the  future of some US or Turkish-held  areas in the North. True also that some more “settlements” and perhaps “compromises” have to be worked out, but the wide-scale strategic war against Syria has come to its  end.

Source: al-Alam. Ir



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