Converting satellites to quantum communication devices

A number of German scientists have confirmed that they are developing a new technology to convert satellites into quantum communication devices, allowing safe transfer of information between countries and continents .

Christoph Marquardt from the  Erlangen Institute for the Study of Communication Sciences said that, together with a number of his colleagues at the Institute, and in cooperation with the German DLR space agency, he conducted experiments on controlling the movement of photons through laser transmitters of one of EDRS satellites, and in that way they were able to transmit certain signals to the ground communication stations, and after the success of that process, they began to plan to develop the laser transmitters on such a kind of satellites, to be able to transmit the photons on the principle of quantitative communication.

In recent years, many countries have developed technologies that rely on quantum data transmission via terrestrial cables, but have failed to transmit data over 300 kilometers because photons stopped moving within the optical cables.

Source: Novosti.




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