How to pass Normalization with Israel ?

By the Saudi writer ” Madawi Al-Rashid”

  • Make your friendship and animosity on the base of belief and disbelief.

  • Inflame sectarian conflict in the region and print books from the dark history demonizing the other sectarian party.

  • Promote that Iran is more dangerous than Israel and that it has committed crimes more than Israel has done.

  • Turn your animosity toward Iran to an animosity toward Shia in general since they are more dangerous on Sunni than Jews are.

  • Bring sheiks who prove that Jews do not curse the companions and that they are people of scripture, and that when the Prophet, peace be upon him, died, his armor was guaranteed by a Jew (as if our hostility to Zionists is for being Jewish).

  • Make the interest requires reconciliation with (the wise enemy) against the enemy targeting the doctrine and the identity.

  • If the trustworthy Muslim ruler is likely to have a significant interest by making reconciliation with the enemy, he will be authorized to do that, and the examples of that form history are many.

  • At the end, a media drumming campaigns should accompany the whole process.



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