How has Syria featured out at the Trump-Putin summit ?

The wrangling over the political calculus of  Syria by the US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin can be summed up by the following:

The Americans said they would not tolerate seeing Hezollah, Iran and their allies expand their presence on the Syrian territories.

The Russians answered: Wherever there is fighting into which Hezbollah and allies got involved in support of the Syrian Arab Army, no one can tell them to get out.

The Russians  offer an alternative proposal:  The territories controlled by outlawed militants be handed over to Syrian Arab Army without fighting.

Then, Hezbollah would not enter these areas. The Americans agreed and saw the offer as an acceptable framework for a potential settlement.

The template of this agreement would be implemented first in  the Syrian-Jordanian border area and if proven successful it might replicated elsewhere along the path of a comprehensive solution.

The Americans said they can not accept President Assad as a part of the solution. The Russians said: “And we consider it unacceptable to demand him to go.

The optimal solution is for him to stay  and see general elections be held  so that the Syrians would have the opportunity to choose their President without any pre-conditions. All of us would accept the outcome of these elections.

The Americans said they do not want to see the Iraqi Mobilization Forces and Hezbollah on the Syrian-Iraqi borders areas. The Russians said: Then do tell them this by force. However, if the border area is being peacefully and voluntarily handed over  to the regular Syrian and Iraqi Armies, no  other forces would be deployed there.

The Americans said: We do not accept Iran’s participation in supervising the memoranda of understanding.

The Russians said: Well, but the Syrian Arab Army do not accept  your presence nor the presence of  Turks or Jordanians on their land.

According to the Syrians, all  of these troops are forces of occupation. So, if  a unanimous agreement is reached to get the Russian military police be deployed, the Syrian Army would accept it because it is a legitimate force.

Source: Topnews.



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