Syria wins and Saudi Arabia loses

In political science, the chart of the growth or decline of sources of power and presence is the base for extrapolating the paths and destinies of states.

Today, the Syrian chart has been completed and the line of regression has reached the bottom in 2015 but after that the rise started and continues.. militarily, the situation is from good to better, and internationally the wave of hostility has been broken and replaced with openness, while economically researching plans for reconstruction and racing on their funds has begun.

And Syria’s allies just like it, their conditions are from good to better, Syria seems to have exhausted their opponents and pushed them into a bottomless abyss.

The opponents who conspired on Syria are living since the year 2015 the opposite situation of its, from Turkey  which is suffering from an internal situation that is in crisis to a cracked relationship with Europe and the loss of Russian-Iranian trust and disagreement with America and the concern of the Kurds.

To Israel, whose thinkers say that the consequences of the Syrian earthquake has not yet begun as the Syrian army, the popular crowd, Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Guards have become a coherent and integrated force capable of fighting with a million soldiers.

It can be said that the biggest loser is the Gulf represented by Saudi Arabia, which was stable but now it is spending its savings to get the protection shield from America by to keep it from falling down and dedicate its media to plucking the feathers of the remains of its presence, Syria is no longer a subject to discuss with Adel al-Jubeir, who was the exclusive negotiator on Syria’s future.




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