” Syrian Government is soon to Regain Control over Deir Ezzour “

The Washington Institute highlighted the possibility of the Syrian army regaining control over Deir Ezzour as part of its methodological progress in the Syrian Desert, and expectedthat the autumn of 2017 will witness the full control of the city of Deir Ezzour by the Syrian government.

This analysis is stated in an analytical article by the French researcher Fabrice Balunche (Associate Professor, Research Director at the University of Lyon 2, and a fellow at the Washington Institute). “Indeed, military movements on the ground indicate that the Syrian army and its allies will regain Deir Ezzour. Their firm defense of Deir Ezzour is rooted in their determination to eventually return to eastern Syria,” said Balunche.

He said that the Syrian army and its allies are systematically advancing in the desert and controlling water resources, transportation routes, oil and gas fields, and phosphate mines.

Evidence indicates that ISIS will not be able to control the city in light of the Syrian army’stactics.

The US-backed militias are not strong enough to fight ISIS and reach Deir Ezzour, which leaves the Syrian government forces to carry out their campaign patiently.

  • Source “Syriaalyom”.



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