What ISIL is preparing for after its defeat in Syria and Iraq

The Associated Press revealed the future plans of ISIL to survive, after its defeat in Iraq and Syria, it pointed out that “ISIL” seeks to build a new organizational base to survive with the help of a number of global jihadists, and that a new organization will come to light soon .

it will be a mix between the remnants of  defeated ISIL, and a number of local jihadist groups and organizations in Iraq, Syria and the world. These groups are now virtually connected to reshape the classes and to launch the organization in the future.

The new organization will be small cells of terrorists fleeing the war zone in Iraq and Syria, as well as new elements that did not participate in those battles at all.

The US agency said that the defeat of “ISIL” in Mosul, and  its state of being blockaded in Al-Raqqa destroyed its alleged Caliphate state, so the terrorist organization prepared a new plan more flexible to face the large campaign being launched on it.

However, ISIL relies on its withstanding the “fierce” battles on the Syrian and Iraqi front , so that it can reshape it ranks again .

Source: sputniknews.



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