The Secret Mistress of Saudi Arabia

Israeli writer Jackie Khogi said in an article in the Maariv newspaper that it is time to make a change in the form of the relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia, in light of the latter’s urgent need for the Israelis.

He sharply criticized the Israeli government’s policy of obscuring secret contacts with Riyadh. Khoji, the editor of Arab affairs on Israeli military radio, called on the government of Benjamin Netanyahu not to deny the holding of secret meetings with the Saudis, and to emphasize the holding of these meetings, because he and his ministers continue to talk about these relations, but they give them a sense of secrecy, preferring to cover them up by talking about Israeli relations with the Gulf countries in general.

He concluded by saying that over time, Israel has become the secret mistress of Saudi Arabia, which requires Israel to insist on bringing this relationship to light, describing the monarchy in Saudi Arabia as has lost  bashfulness a long time and so it won’t be affected by revealing the reality of its relationship with Israel.

While the Arab affairs analyst in the Haaretz newspaper, Zvi Bar’el, said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is proud of his meetings with Arab leaders, the latest of which was revealed is his meeting five years ago secretly with the UAE Foreign Minister.

He added that the Israeli rapprochement with some Arab countries has been translated into not seeing the usual demonstrations against Israel in the streets of Cairo, Amman and Morocco against the backdrop of events in AL Aqsa, there is even an Egyptian political and cultural silence, so that even the elites are unable to publish a single statement of condemnation of what is happening in Jerusalem.



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