The truth of Ibn Taymiyah’s Fatwas

Did you know that the word (infidel) was included in the total fatwas of Ibn Taymiyah 917 times … !!

And the word (must be killedif not accept repentance) 849 times … !!

And the word (apostate) 29 times …. !!

And ( his blood is Halal to waste) 19 times…!

And (hit his neck) 39 times …. !!

So the total number would be1853 times …. !!

Anyone can increase the number if he searched more.. !! Then they say Ibn Taymiyyah was rational and sane while we know no takfiri that was attributed to Sunnis like Ibn Taymiyah…!!he is Foisted into them but not one of them!! And on his neck he carries the guilt of thousands of dead…




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