Message to the Resistance Fighters in the Face of Traitors

Having been shocked by Al-Nusra Front’s defeat in Lebanon, the March 14th Alliance attempts to save ISIS, as there are reports about a mediation being carried out by parties from the March 14th Alliance to persuade ISIS fighters to withdraw from their sites in Lebanon in order to deprive Hezbollah from achieving a victory over them as they did with Al-Nusra Front in Joroud Arsal.

These parties have information from the Arab Gulf region and the West affirming that Hezbollah has intended to eliminate ISIS from the northeastern Joroud from Al-Qaa to Ras Baalbek. “For those who do not know, Al-Nusra Front is supported by Qatar and Turkey, and March 14th Alliance is supported by Saudi Arabia”.

We say to the heroes of resistance: never let them agitate you; they will make you miss the moment of joy.

Therefore, enjoy, breath the air of triumph, appear before them courageously, confront them proudly, show them your brave struggle in Jaroud in comparison to their fears and humiliation, and sigh. Now the scene is completed, say to them: we achieved victory, and enjoy the scene.

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