Tel Aviv’s Dream Has Come to an End

Lebanon before the presence of Hezbollah was a “prey” even for rabbits, however after the emergence of Hezbollah it has become an “equivalent power” determining the destiny of the Middle East such as America, Russia and other major regional powers. Sometimes, Hezbollah does what the international powers cannot do, as is the case in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and the influential border, “The New York Times” reported on Hezbollah.

The bureaus of “the Middle East policies” in America look amazingly at the human and tactical abilities of Hezbollah fighters in the complicated Joroud. Moreover, “the power of Hezbollah fighters” has become an amazing model in view of the greatest leaders of world armies.

Washington had believed that creating US bases near “Al-Tanf and Qalamoun” means “US-Middle East par excellence”. However, the surprise was when Hezbollah has broken into the Iraqi-Syrian borders and set its yellow flags over the heights of Qalamoun Mountains.!, the US newspaper reported.

The presence of Hezbollah over “Qalamoun Mountains” has made the dream of Tel Aviv comes to an end. Now Hezbollah fighters are engaged in a “war of will” which is unique among the world armies in the most complicated terrain of Joroud and Qalamoun. After six years of “the most severe furious war”, the senior experts of intellectual mobilization in Washington and Brussels have acknowledged that the (Takfir) supported by the most important institutions in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and other Wahabi and Brotherhood entities has mythically fallen before the astonishing heritage that nourishes the minds of Hezbollah fighters, the newspaper adds.

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