What God hid from us is even greater

Once upon a time there was an old  man traveling with his son to a city about two days away. He had a donkey with him to put his luggage on , all the way the man kept repeating : what God hid from us is even greater !

while their walking , the donkey’s leg was broken in the middle of the way, the man said : what God hid from us is even greater!

So each one carried his luggage and went on their way , a while after ,the old man broke his leg and was no longer able to carry anything as he was dragging his broken leg behind him , and once again he said: what God hid from us is seven greater! So the son stood up and carried his luggage and his father’s on his back and continued their journey.

On the way, the son was bitten by a snake, and he fell on the ground aching , but his father also said: what God hid from us is even greater! Here the son was very mad and he said to his father: what could be greater than what we have been through already?!

When the son recovered, they completed their journey and reached the city, and it was all turned to dust as an earthquake hit it and destroyed all of it with its people. The man looked at his son and said: Look, my son, if what happened haven’t happened on our journey, we would have arrived on that day and we would have suffered what is greater, and we would have been with those who perished .




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