OCHA and the Brotherly Syrian People

All the Syrians, according to UN reports, have left Syria and all of them have been receiving aid and assistance from the friends of Syria. Yet those who have remained in Syria, are besieged by the “regime”.

Thus, we would not be surprised if a recent report issued by the UN in which they claim that they had delivered aid and assistance to the Syrians living on Mars.

 The UN has informed us about its heroic achievements in delivering aid to eight Million Syrians, but it has ignored the most important fact that its whole program would not have been achieved without being helped by the Syrian government; the same government that is being accused by both the Western and UN media of besieging civilians and stressing their daily life unmercifully.

How the UN gave a blind eye to the existence of dozens of thousands of tons of food that were found at the terrorists warehouses in Aleppo; it is worth referring the UN employees to check their sight and undergo psychological tests to prove their competence to such a mission!

The new joke in the UN report issued by “OCHA” (Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) is that it has been influenced by the speeches of the late Abu Met-eb (King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia) who described his own people as (the brotherly Saudi people), it seems that the description was attractive to Mrs.

“Meuller” who wrote the report and extremely admired it, in which she stated that (OCHA and the Syrian people call upon the Security Council to protect the civilians);

Meuller has made a decision to talk on behalf of the Syrian people as if she represents them! Perhaps she has been tempted by the opposition to reach the power in Syria and exert all her efforts to serve the “brotherly” Syrian people, as per the late Abu Met-eb.




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