A new US criticism of Turkey for its support of terrorists in Syria?

The Special US Presidential Envoy to the so-called Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, Ambassador Brett McGurk accused Turkey once again of  sending thousands of weapons to Idleb and looking the other way while foreign fighters going in Syria.

Earlier, McGurk claimed that the so-called anti-ISIS Global Coalition has managed to prevent foreign fighters from  joining the terror group of ISIS in Syria.

As for the foreign fighters, we have managed to substantively stop their flow into Syria  through Turkey.

The rate was reduced from hundreds of terrorists weekly to a handful of them per month, he reportedly said in a clear admission of the obvious collusion by US-allied Turkish regime in financial, arms and personnel  support of terrorists in Syria.

Turkish media quoted McGurk as saying at a panel held by  the Middle East Institution, a Washington-based think-tank,  that: The “Region of Idlib became the biggest safe haven for al Qaida. This is a very serious problem and this continues for sometime.

We are very much focused on this problem at the moment and most of al Qaida leaders that went to Idlib cannot make out of the city again…..Why is this happening? How can they reach there? They are not paratroopers.

Therefore, the approach by some of our partners to send tens of thousands and tons of weapons there and looking the other way while foreign fighters going in Syria may not be the best approach.  And the al Qaida has taken full advantage of it.

Idleb now is a huge problem. Right now, there is a safe haven for al Qaida area which is just next to the Turkish border.

Therefore of course we are going to discuss this subject with Turks. Just like some other areas that the borders are sealed and nobody was able to across, something we need think of doing the same thing in Idleb.

Because this is a different subject from ISIS but a big issue and the issue that we need to focus.”

McGurk, however, failed to mention any word about the support Washington has rendered to various terrorist organizations wreaking havoc on Syria’s stability and well-being.

Source: Syrianow.



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