Daily Archives: Sunday August 27th, 2017

Sovereignty-subverting techniques

In an article run by Izvestia newspaper, Professorand philosopher Oleg Matvetchyev shed some light on what  he termed the “sovereignty-subverting techniques”, in which he likened  Global politics to an absorbent solid substance that receives and processes  all sorts of effects. According to him, global politics can be likened to an absorbent material which attracts all sorts  and ways of influences. ...

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Malicious Saudi War against Yemen

A former French Ambassador in Yemen blew up a big political bomb during an interview with the international channel France 24. Replying to a question about what is exactly going on in Yemen, he said: I will summarize the situation of Yemen in just one sentence: ” Saudi Arabia cannot accept the existence of a strong Yemen “. Yemen has a ...

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