Daily Archives: Tuesday August 29th, 2017

The Hornet’s Nest Strategy

The CIA, the British intelligence and the  Israeli Mossad have collaborated together to create a terrorist  organization that may attract all extremists  from all over the world in one place, using a strategy called “Beehive” or “Hornet’s Nest Strategy, the former CIA Contractor Edward Snowden reportedly revealed. In a report  published by lesmoutonsrebelles.com,  Snowden reportedly noted that this strategy has ...

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The Viet Cong and the living conscience

In the early 1970s, the United States decided to negotiate with the Vietnamese rebels and asked them to send a delegation representing them in Paris to discuss the cessation of the war after Vietnam’s rebels delved into American troops. Thus , the(Viet Cong) sent a delegation consisting of four rebels, “two women and two men” The US intelligence has prepared ...

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