The Hornet’s Nest Strategy

The CIA, the British intelligence and the  Israeli Mossad have collaborated together to create a terrorist  organization that may attract all extremists  from all over the world in one place, using a strategy called “Beehive” or “Hornet’s Nest Strategy, the former CIA Contractor Edward Snowden reportedly revealed.

In a report  published by,  Snowden reportedly noted that this strategy has aimed at centralizing all extremist  threats allegedly not only to control these extremists but more often to destabilize  Arab  countries.

The National Security Agency (NSA)  documents  leaked by Snowden have revealed that ISIS leader  Abu Baker al-Baghdadi  has  received intensive military  training at the hands of the Israeli Mossad.

Besides military training, al-Baghdadi  has also received  communications  training and was trained on how to talk and communicate with the public  to attract extremists  from all over the world. Edward Snowden has dominated media  headlines and became a focus of attention since he has revealed the now widely-known “Prism” program, which is a secret US government program to spy on people and tap phone calls and internet  communications.

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