Successive Victories Making Ford’s Prediction comes true

It is not surprising that Qatar reduced its funding for the Turkey-based Syrian Coalition and all the received funds are barely enough for one month, as opposition sources told to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

Hence, the coalition reduced the number of its staff and launched a voluntary work. It is worth mentioning that the coalition started to have defection amongst them starting from the so-called” Bassam Al-Malik” who talked about torrent of political-Gulf agendas which control the work of the coalition.

As for Saudi Arabia, there has been a report by the British Institute for Middle East Studies that Mohammad Bin Salman informed US Officials that his country wants to withdraw from the Yemeni war, in addition to the statement made by the Iraqi Minister of Interior that Saudi Arabia asked the Iraqi authorities to mediate between Riyadh and Tehran; all this paved the way for a potential change in the Saudi position towards the regions’ files including the Syrian one.

At the military level, having the Syrian Army regained control over Al-Sukhnah, after its accelerated military operations in Al-Badia and its preparation to regain control over Deir Ezzor, where the end of ISIS shall be, as the Russian Defense Minister sees; all that worked as a message addressed to Washington to end the Syrian crisis by agreement and that in service of the integration of the Syrian territories and to exert pressure to achieve that end.

Thus, the statement made by the former US ambassador “Robert Ford” to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that ” the Game in Syria is Over” was not a groundless statement and it was not an empty trivial talk as all the achievements on the ground prove that.




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