The world’s most powerful free electron laser XFEL

Russia is participating in an international project in Hamburg, Germany, to create the world’s most powerful free electron laser, XFEL.

This laser complex will allow for unprecedented research in materials, chemistry, biology and nanotechnology,including virus studies and measurement of cell molecule components, as well as taking three-dimensional images of nano-composites and tracking high-speed chemical processes on the Online system, this year, the first international laser complex test was conducted.

Russia, by a decision of the Russian government on 23 July 2009, contributed to the realization of the project, with a share of 26.79%, the second share after Germany, as well as its significant contribution to the development of the idea of a laser working with free electrons, and the supply of advanced technology equipment produced by Russian companies and institutions.

The construction of the laser complex began in 2009, with Russia’s Ross Nano representing Russia in the project, and then the representation  moved to the Russian National Research Institute “Kurchatov”.

Source: Indicator




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