Daily Archives: Sunday September 10th, 2017

The mystery behind the Rothschild’s interest in the Syrian Golan Heights revealed

The Zionist entity has illegally given a Newark, New Jersey oil company, subsidiary, Genie Energy,  permission to drill for oil on the Syrian Golan Heights, Firil Centre reported. Researching the Company’s profile, Firil  found that Genie Energy maintains links to the Giant ExxonMobil Oil Corporation. Its board of Advisors includes Dick Cheney. It includes former CIA head and chairman of ...

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8 Thousand Saudi Terrorists Killed in Syria

A new exclusive statistic from Firil Center for Studies in Berlin was released, based on 51 sources from all parties, for the year 2017 about the number of foreign fighters who fought against the Syrian army from the 10th of April 2011 till the end of July 2017. Saudi Arabia came first in the number of “Jihadi” Islamists in Syria ...

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A step toward limitless clean energy

Scientists develop a new way to make plasma fuel hot enough to generate ‘significant’ nuclear fusion power Nuclear fusion is being looked to as a potentially limitless source of clean energy, created by the same core processes inside the sun. Using intense heat, magnetic fields and pressure, the nuclei of lighter elements are fused together to create heavier elements, releasing ...

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