Israeli Foolishness Born out of Helplessness and Fear

“Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has strategically defeated all those who wanted to topple him,” AFP quoted Aaron Lund, an expert on Syrian affairs at Sanchez Research Foundation, where he expressed his belief that “the Syrian government will regain control over the country’s territories one after another”.

According to Fabrice Balanch, an expert on Syrian geography, the opposition factions are only left with 12 percent of the land. Moreover, ISIL-controlled areas have shrunk to 15 percent.

Against this reality, Staffan de Mistura posed the following question: “Will the opposition be able to unite and be realistic enough to realize that it did not win the war?”In the midst of this tragic collapse of the Zionist-Wahabi plan, the Israeli foolishness expressed itself through attacking a part of our beloved homeland.

The challenge posed by the attack itself – regardless of its objectives, context, and the state of weakness, helplessness and fear that it expresses – will not pass without an appropriate Syrian response, and Israel should bear in mind that its commitment not to violate the Syrian airspace will not exempt it from facing the Syrian response to any aggression this time.

Israel must prepare for what awaits it after Syria recovers and re-addresses the issue of Israeli occupation of the Golan.

It must realize that Syria will not spend hundreds of billions of dollars on reconstruction, end the military and popular mobilization, and come back to a confrontation that could turn into a devastating war and a fierce military confrontation after one, two or five years.

The Syrian army owns now the best weapons; it is in a state of high alert and is supported by strong allies and supporters.




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