Daily Archives: Thursday October 5th, 2017

Culture Motivates Diplomacy

By: Khalil Al Rakik The more the enlightenment culture action restores the initiative, the more closed doors are opened. Perhaps we are in greater need in the Arab region that is distressed by Takfiri crawling which is the most dangerous of kind in our contemporary history, to intellectuals of a special type who will cultivate the hope of salvation in ...

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Minds Investment

By Dr Farouq Alqasem  Do not tell me about the wealth of any country with its people fraught with hatred, racism, regionalism, ignorance and wars! “Nigeria” is one of richest countries of metals and resources, and one of the largest oil exporting countries, but look at its status and situation, the reason is that the human there is full of ...

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the most precious thing Syrian owns

In 1997 President Clinton was hosted by the immortal leader Hafez al-Assad, when the visit ended and Clinton was about to travel, President Assad said to the Director of his office: Where is the gift of President Clinton? When he brought the gift, which was a decorated mosaic box filled with soil ,the  American president opened it and was enraged ...

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