the most precious thing Syrian owns

In 1997 President Clinton was hosted by the immortal leader Hafez al-Assad,

when the visit ended and Clinton was about to travel, President Assad said to the Director of his office: Where is the gift of President Clinton?

When he brought the gift, which was a decorated mosaic box filled with soil ,the  American president opened it and was enraged ,then  said to the immortal leader Hafez al-Assad: soil, Mr. President?

Father Hafez al-Assad’s answer: This is the most precious thing we own in Syria…

O! You conspirators! do not expect the Syrian to give up a grain of his soil even if he had to burn the world .. May God have mercy on your pure soul and dwell you in spacious heavens, our late leader Hafez al-Assad, we learned from you the love of homeland and the sacrifice for its precious soil…


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