Daily Archives: Monday October 9th, 2017

The Shape of the “Final Chapter” of the War on Syria

After six years of the outbreak of the crisis, the Syrian war now is heading toward its Final Chapter, “Washington Post” newspaper reported. The victory of the President Bashar Al-Assad in his battle has been the most prevailing and obvious for years, or at least since 2015 when Russia sent its troops to support the Syrian Army, the newspaper added. “The ...

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Robert Fisk and Saudi Arabia’s History of Hypocrisy

Robert Fisk, the political analyst and writer stated: “at the same time when Saudi Arabia claims that it stands at the forefront of the war against terrorism, we find that its history and attitude totally contradict that, pointing out that the western countries realize that Saudi Arabia is the source of radical ideas and terrorism”. Fisk explained that there is ...

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A robot to assist in making political decisions

Scientists have developed a robot that can help people make the right decision and vote in political elections. The artificial intelligence robot is called Nigel, which can help with political decisions. Nigel has been created by researchers from Kimera Systems, who describe it as ‘the world’s first human-like artificial intelligence technology that learns, becomes aware of needs and understands the ...

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