Daily Archives: Tuesday October 10th, 2017

What the Kurdistan referendum is hiding

By Thierry Meyssan On  June1st, 2014, the secret services of SaudiArabia, the United States, Israel, Jordan, the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, Qatar, the United Kingdom and Turkey held in the Jordanian Capital of  Amman a preparatory meeting for the invasion of Iraq by Daesh, a document published  by the  Turkish daily newspaper ÖzgürGündem has revealed. According to this document, ...

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“Bernard-Henri Levy “and his new oblations

This is one of the few times where we can say that explanation and extension is not suitable for the reader or the writer… What’s happening is that the maker and godfather of the so-called revolutions has moved to the third herd stage after his conspiracy in Libya and Syria… He has put in the battle his remaining strategic reserve, ...

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New Microchips convert data stored as light waves into sound waves

Researchers from the University of Sydney have designed a microchip capable of converting light waves into sounds waves. This enables information stored as light to be slowed down and processed more efficiently. For the first time, digital information in the form of light waves has been converted into sound waves and placed into a microchip. The conversion process slows down ...

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