What the Kurdistan referendum is hiding

By Thierry Meyssan

On  June1st, 2014, the secret services of SaudiArabia, the United States, Israel, Jordan, the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, Qatar, the United Kingdom and Turkey held in the Jordanian Capital of  Amman a preparatory meeting for the invasion of Iraq by Daesh, a document published  by the  Turkish daily newspaper ÖzgürGündem has revealed.

According to this document, it was agreed that coordination would be maintained between Daesh (also known as ISIS) and the regional government of  Iraqi Kurdistan. The former launched a lightning offensive to capture Mosul, while the latter grabbed Kirkuk.

Four days earlier, President MassoudBarzani had travelled to Jordan to talk to the participants of this meeting. He was careful not to take part in the meeting himself, but was represented by his son Masrour, the head of his own Intelligence services, the document said.

Another famous Kurd took part in the meeting in Amman – the Islamist Mullah Krekar. He was imprisoned in Norway, where he was serving a five-year sentence for having threatened, on TV, to kill Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

He travelled to the Amman meeting on board a NATO plane, and was taken back to his cell in the days that followed. He then revealed his allegiance to Daesh. He was not condemned for belonging to a terrorist organization, but was offered a two-year remission of sentence and was freed.

He then went on to direct Daesh in Europe, from Oslo, under the protection of NATO. Clearly, the Stay-behind Gladionetwork of the Atlantic Alliance is still operational.According to Israel-Kurd, which is widely quoted by the Turkish Press, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised MassoudBarzani to send him some 200,000 Israelis to help  with the administration of  the “new State”, which is being encouraged to expand into the Syrian territories.

Eight months before the Amman meeting, a Pentagon researcher, Robin Wright, confirmed her country’s agreement with this project. Mrs. Wright carefully explained that such a project was impossible, but published her map of  “Sunnistan”, attributed to Daesh (ISIS), and  “Kurdistan” attributed to the Barzanis in Iraq and Syria.

Incidentally, in August, the Pentagon published a call for tender for the buying and transfer of 500 million dollar worth of weapons and ammunition.

The 200 first trucks were delivered to the YPG at Hasakah, on 11and 19 September, via Iraqi Kurdistan, without being attacked by the ISIS terrorists. The Russian Ministry  ofDefence has just made public satellite photos of a US special forces  camp in the middle of Daesh territory, living quite comfortably with the Kurds and the jihadists.

The source: Al Watan



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