Daily Archives: Sunday October 15th, 2017

Principles of the Deviated US Strategy

In a new study published by the Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy,  the former US diplomat Dennis Ross saw that the ‘spread of Iranian presence and influence poses a risk to Israel and Jordan, the Gulf states, and potentially also to Turkey’. He blamed Iran  for undermining the sovereignty of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, accusing it of  jeopardizing the ...

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Triple filter exam

Socrates (famous for his wisdom) was visited by an acquaintance of his. Eager to share some juicy gossip, the man asked if Socrates would like to know the story he’d just heard about a friend of theirs.  Socrates replied that before the man spoke, he needed to pass the “Triple-Filter” test. The first filter, he explained, is Truth, “Have you ...

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At what price you may sell out your mate ?

Once, I heard an elderly man narrating an adage in the form of a dialogue between two persons: The first one asked: At what price have you sold your mate? The other answered: 90 faults. The first said: You have low-priced him. I deeplypondered  this saying, wondering what kind of a man this one who may forgive 89 faults of ...

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