Daily Archives: Monday October 16th, 2017

The Syrian Writer Ghada Al-Samman Breaks Her Silence

To all the despised, humiliated, the displaced, the refugees, and those who are considered part of the Syrian people in the scattered camps in Lebanon, Jordan and other countries. Four years of waiting and miserable display of your families, your children, your misery and your displacement, all for a handful of rice, sugar, dollars and harsh death throughout the seasons. ...

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An Exceptional Man Who Will Be Long Remembered By History

Mr. Hassan Nasrallah is a dilemma for the secularists because he is a cleric who leads public affairs. He is also a dilemma for the sectarians because he is a Shiite Muslim. As well as, for those of strategic thinking because he reacts to Israel and does not send identical messages. He is an obstacle to all his enemies, because ...

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