An Exceptional Man Who Will Be Long Remembered By History

Mr. Hassan Nasrallah is a dilemma for the secularists because he is a cleric who leads public affairs. He is also a dilemma for the sectarians because he is a Shiite Muslim.

As well as, for those of strategic thinking because he reacts to Israel and does not send identical messages. He is an obstacle to all his enemies, because he always impedes their dreams.

He is an exceptional man in religion, politics and war because he is an intelligent reasonable man, which uncommon among clerics.

He is an honest man who does what he says, which is an exception among politicians. He is keen to protect the lives of his soldiers, which is rare among men of war.

I advise you all to pay close attention to this man, because history will remember his name and your grandchildren will ask you incessantly about him.

Dear obstinate secularist: Do not be arrogant by rejecting his turban. Perhaps it is more civil than you.

Dear pragmatic politicians: Learn credibility from this man because credibility is a long-range weapon that is more powerful than all your tricks. Dear religious people: Learn from him how to respect, accept and love other’s beliefs.

Dear sectarian (those with and against him): The history’s bulldozer will drag you to the pits and will not hear your opinion whether you like or dislike him and history will not care about your sick obsessions.




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