A Syrian Old Technique Defeats the Israeli-American Tyranny

The launching of SAM missile from the Syrian territory towards an Israeli aircraft in the airspace of Lebanon had many messages and lessons that the followers and the specialists should stop to notice two main things:

  • The Syrian air defense system has effectively returned to the field and the decision to use it is strict.

  • The Israeli enemy will not be free to fly even in the airspace of Lebanon.

“Yedioth Ahronoth” website considered that what happened as a failure and a blow to the ability of the Israeli “intelligence gathering”.

commenting on the incident, “southfront.org” website reported that what Israel has revealed is completely lacking, and according to the website, Israel intended to show the power of its aircrafts during the visit of the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu to Israel, but the scene turned and changed into the completely opposite direction, where the Israeli demonstration of power turned into a part of the old Syrian demonstration of power.

According to the website, Syria, by using a technique that is to some extent an old fashioned, which is S-200 missile, was able to hit the American-Israeli tyranny by hitting the F-35 stealth fighter which belongs to the fifth generation that was recently delivered to Israel by Washington. The website also reported: “It is ironic that on the same day Damascus announced targeting an Israeli fighter, Israel announced that an F-35 fighter went out of service as a result of “a flock of birds”.

The website said: “The Israeli statement said that flock of birds collided with the fighter two weeks before announcing the incident. So why was the announcement delayed till this day, and why no pictures for the fighter was published?

“So, what really hit the F-35 fighter for which Israel recently paid 100 million US Dollars”, the website raises the question.



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