Israel Spies on Russian Forces in Syria

Experts believe that Israel spies on Russia to see if it is as strong as the Soviet Union, through air raids on sites in the Syrian territories.

Soviet Russia stopped Israel in 1973, when Israel was considering the possibility of launching Israeli air raids on the High Dam in Egypt.

Israel denied its intention to destroy one of the “eight wonders of the world” after the most modern Russian fighter “MiG-25” had appeared in its airspace.

The MiG-25 fighter jet was launched from an Egyptian military airport and entered the airspace of Tel Aviv minutes later.

Israeli fighter jets tried to intercept the Russian plane, but its rockets and missiles did not hit the MiG-25 fighter which was flying at 22 kilometers height.

The Russian fighter safely returned to its base having made it clear to Israel that the intended raid on the High Dam would not go unpunished.

In reference to Israeli air raids on military sites in the Syrian territories, can Moscow respond to the Israeli insolence now and how? The “Imperiyanews” website raises the question.

  • Source: “Arabic.sputnik”



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