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The State of the Democratic Caliphate

At the height of the power struggle in the Islamic state, Abdullah ibn al-Zubayr was holed up in the Haram, where Yazid, 63 years old,  attacked him, but the death of Yazid aborted the process. After Marwan Ibn Abdul Malik stteled down, he assigned the elimination of  al-Zubayr to al-Hajaj , and that’s when he besieged Mecca and brought famine ...

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The Praying Hands painting

In a village close to the European town of Nuremberg, in the fifteenth century, lived a family of father, mother and eighteen children. Their conditions were very difficult,  but that did not stop the older brothers from chasing their dream… Both were talented in drawing, and so they dreamt of joining the Academy of Arts in Nuremberg For them ,it ...

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