The Praying Hands painting

In a village close to the European town of Nuremberg, in the fifteenth century, lived a family of father, mother and eighteen children.

Their conditions were very difficult,  but that did not stop the older brothers from chasing their dream… Both were talented in drawing, and so they dreamt of joining the Academy of Arts in Nuremberg

For them ,it was only a dream to attend the academy because they knew that their father would not be able to meet their financial needs at the time of study.

Finally, they reached a solution after long discussions that extended to early dawn hours and for many days … they decided to draw a lot ,the loser goes to work in the mines and takes care of the expenses of his four-year-old brother who would study at the academy, then the other goes to study and his brother take care of  the expenses by selling paintings or working in the mines if necessary. The lot was won by Albrecht Dürer, and so he went to the Academy, and his brother went to the mines to work for four years.

From the beginning it was clear that Albrecht would have a great future in the world of art, and when it was time to graduate, his paintings and sculptors earned him a great income.

after an absence of 4 years , Albrecht returned to his village amid an enormous celebration; and his family made him a large feast.

When they finished eating, Albrecht stopped and said, “My beloved brother, God bless you and compensate you for your trouble for me, without you I wouldn’t have been able to study at the Academy, now it’s your turn to go, and I’ll take care of your expenses as my paintings are making me good income” ,all the eyes turned to the brother waiting for what he would say.

The brother shock his head slowly saying : ” “No, my brother, I cannot go now, look at my hands , four years of working in the mines had broken a lot of their little bones , Alas my brother! I can no longer grab a brush and draw a fine line ” .

One day Albrecht went to his brother’s room, he found him praying with his hands clasped; he was overwhelmed by the scene so he rushed to his tools and painted those hands, as a tribute to the generous love that does not think of itself.

The painting was called “hands”, but the world was amazed by the painting and renamed it  ” the praying hands “.

That story was a long time ago, the works of this artist are scattered in many museums, but most of us only know this great  paintings.

The artist is Albrecht Dürer (born in Germany 1471 – died 1528). The painting is “The Praying Hands” drawn in 1508.  When you see this painting remember  every hand that  has paid you a service, every hand that has sacrificed for your convenience, every hand that forgot itself and worked hard for you .



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