Arab Betrayals against Syria (2)

 By “Aleskanar Tossi”

In this second part, we will review the betrayals against Syria concerning Lebanon and the incidents that happened there, where Lebanon has been a powerless ally of Syria for decades, allowing a great danger to threaten the Syriandepth through any Israeli attempt to outmaneuver Damascus through South Lebanon and Beqaa. Israel realized that they need an urgent victoryto restore the morale of the Israeli soldiers who lost the October War, so the story began in Lebanon. Some of you, ladies and gentlemen, do not know that one of the betrayals against the Syrian Arab Army was entering Lebanon in 1977 headed by Arab deterrent forces to put an end to the civil war which took place in 1975 and destroyed Lebanon. When Israel found out that the Syrian Arab Army will succeed in its mission, it started invading Lebanon on 14/03/1978, and established a security belt to protect the north of occupied Palestine(as it claimed) exploiting the absence of any Arab reaction. It also founded the first and second Israeli-allied militia of Saad Haddad , or the so called (the Israeli-alliedSouth Lebanon Army) to which was assigned the task of controlling the territories that Israel occupied. Notice: some people do not know that the Organization of Muslim Brotherhood started its terrorist operations inside Syria by the time the Syrian Arab Army was fighting the Israeli Army in Lebanon  and the Israeli-allied Lebanese forces fightingagainst Palestinians between 1979 and 1981, which lasted untill1986.You can imagine how many frontlines Syria was fighting on during the First Gulf War which was inflaming the region.

Some people do not know that the commander of the Lebanese forces Bachir Al Gemayel met Ariel Sharon before the Israeli invasion of Lebanon; moreover, on 06/06/1982 the second Israeli invasion started and resulted in occupying Beirut, and the Israeli standing over the presidency to Bachir Al Gemayel who was assassinated before the handover of the presidency.

Some do not know thaton the 10th and 11th of June, 1982, another betrayal against Syria happened in a historical battle between the Syrian ArabArmy and the Israeli army. It was the battle of Sultan Yacoub in which the Syrian Arab Armydestroyed 160 Israeli tanks and captured a number of Israeli soldiers and new Merkava tanks, one of which is shown in the Panorama of Damascus. Some do not also know that as a result of this battle, the United States sent their envoy, Philip Habib, to Damascus asking for ceasefire. Another betrayal against Syria was also unknown to some people, which happened when the Syrians succeeded with their allies in theProgressive Socialist Partyand Palestinians in revokingthe agreement of 17th of May 1983 between the Lebanese President Amin AlGemayel, the United States and Israel which was considered as a peace treaty between Lebanon and Israel.

Some people do not know that the Syrian air defense shot down an American warplane in 1984, killing the pilot and arresting his assistant.

Some do not also know that the Syrian Arab Army entered Beirut to liberate it in 1985, which is considered by some people as  not only a betrayal, but also an occupation(we accept this description from an honest rival- Michel Aoun – but we do not accept it from a filthy and rude  Bedouin claiming struggle) , and worked  on ceasing the Lebanese Civil War, which broke out again after the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces and which destroyed Lebanon again, that war ended only when  the Syrian Arab Army entered to the Presidential Palace in Beirut declaring a new stage in the history of Lebanon. Based on Taif Agreement, by which (in spite of all its disadvantages) the enemy brothers were gathered at one table and an end of the Civil War was declared.

Some people do not know that the losses of the Syrian Arab Army, during the years defending theunity and independence of Lebanon,were about 14500 martyrs, all of which are nothing but dead people in the eyes of the spiteful and do not deserve to be taken into account in the Syrian- Israeli conflict.



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