Three International Organizations Targeted by Israeli

These days, Israeli diplomatic preparations are going on to attack three international organizations. The first is the UNESCO, which is the archenemy of Israel because it dared to be skeptical about the sacred Israeli legends, the legend of the Jewish exclusive ownership of Jerusalem which is one of the most major legends of Israel. The attack started by using the excavation weapon and hiring mercenaries, under the name of archeologists, to distortthe archeological researches and announce Jewish archeological fabricated discoveries which go back to the first and second temple.

On 30/09/2017 Ron Prosor, the former Israeli representative in the United Nations, published in “The Times” newspaper a plan for a coup in the UNISCO through creating a plot to fire Irina Bokova, the Secretary General of the organization, in order to stop the Arab countries from controlling the UNESCO, by convincing the world that the organization is inflammatory and encourages terrorism and is not trustworthy to protect the world’sheritage. The second organization which Israel aims to attack is the UNHCHR because this commission intends to publish a black list that contains 150 companies working in the Israeli settlements and will order the countries around the world to stop dealing with these companies, prominently; Bezeq, Tevac, major Israeli banks such as Leumi and Hapoalim, and Coca Cola Company. Israel sent a warning message to the chief of the commission, prince “Ra’ad Bin Al Hussein” which stated that Israel shall discharge the (Arab) workers from these companies. Israel ordered the United States to interfere, so the latter sent a warning statement to the commission to prevent publishing the names of those companies. Moreover, there is a plan to issue legislation in the US Congress to ban boycotting the Israeli companies and criminalize the boycotting movement, BDS.

However, the most dangerous attack is to eliminate an entire international organization, the UNRWA, to remove the most serious issue of Palestine, the refugees issue, because it is the international and legal evidence of preserving the Palestinian right of return to their homeland. In this campaign, Israel uses the American strategic reserve of theconspiracy weapon. For this purpose, a group was formed to dismantle the UNRWA and turn it to be affiliated to the UNHCHR. By this movement, the issue of the Palestinian refugees will turn from a rightful issue to an issue of charity. The group consists of: the Israeli representative in the United Nations, Danny Danon, the representative of the United States in the United Nations, Nikki Haley, and Netanyahu’s Deputy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tzipi Hotovely. The purpose of this campaign is to distort the image of the UNRWA and relate it to terrorism byclaiming that the schools and the international organizations in Gaza are transformed into stores for weapons and tunnels for producing rockets and by connecting any agreement with the Palestinians with dismantling the organization. There are communications between the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and AIPAC organization to convince the US Congress members of issuing legislationsto prevent offering aid to the UNRWA and besieging it to get rid of the most serious issue of Palestine, (the right of return). In addition, Israel established an institute specified to follow up the Jewish refugees issues, count their properties left in the Arab World, and designate an anniversary for them.


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