A device to boost cognitive performance of the brain

Scientists at McGill University and the Canadian laboratory “HRL” invented a device to boost cognitive performance of the brain.

The new research funded by the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) was about the designing of an electrical stimulator for the brain, the device uses the effective power supply on the prefrontal cortex in, which is responsible for cognitive functions such as information preservation, attention and decision-making.

The use of this device has increased the interconnectivity between the various areas of the brain, which in its turn has helped to boost learning process, besides the electrodes are installed on the head without any surgical intervention.

The device was tested on macaques, the animals were prompted to perform a task based on associative learning – learning associations between visual cues and a location – in order to get a reward. The macaques that wore the brain device significantly outperformed the control group. The former needed only 12 trials to learn how to immediately get the reward, while the latter needed 21 trials, with the device accounting for the 40 percent increase in learning speed, according to the researchers. Researchers hope to use their method more widely, including the armed forces.

Source: novosti



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