Is it the end of the Zionist entity?

Sources close to  the decision-making offices of the superpowers reported that:

  • Following a series of meetings in Washington and Moscow, the Israeli military and political leaders have reached the firm conviction that both countries do not pay much attention to Israel’s security interests and needs in Syria.

  • This conviction was reinforced after the visit of the Russian defense minister to Tel Aviv and the contact between Netanyahu and President Putin, in which he insisted on the need to prevent the Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah from establishing the bases they already established along the Golan border.

  • The Israeli Staff has prepared a plan under which the Israeli army would “eliminate this danger” and if the campaign does not achieve the establishment of a buffer zone at a depth of forty kilometers beyond the border with the Golan, Israel should take control of a strip extending from Mount Sheikh / Sasa / Ankhil / Nawa / Tafas.

  • The raids carried out by «Israel» within the Syrian territory were discussed extensively with Mohammed bin Salman during his three visits to «Israel» where he held a meeting with Ben-Salman Netanyahu and his Minister of War Avigdor Lieberman and chief of staff Gabi Eisenkot, where he emphasized on the importance of «Israel» to implement the above-mentioned operation against Syria and its allies besides financing the operation by Saudi Arabia. The question that arises now is whether Tel Aviv will gamble on its fate as it realized that it lost all the cards but the Saudi- funded war , Or is it afraid of a plan that is ready to start from Lebanon and from Syria at the same time to control the Galilee and the Golan .. !?

In both cases, the so-called international community, including America, is no longer able to control a war of this kind in which tens of thousands of Arab and Islamic living forces are participating, along with countries with great weight that no one knows how and where will it intervene and what kind of weapons and deadly tactics will it use. Could this be  the end of «Israel» in front of the eyes of the helpless Western society ..!?

Source: ” watanipress “



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