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Arab Betrayals of Syria – Part III

By Alexander Toussi In this part, we shall talk about the Gulf. In 1990, the then Iraqi President Saddam Hussein declared war on Kuwait, accusing it of stealing Iraqi oil. The move sent a historical shock wave throughout the region because it was unprecedented in all terms. No matter what the actual dispute between Iraq and Kuwait has been and ...

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Pretenders of democracy export democracy

By Mohamed Bawadi  In the United States and almost all other “democracies”, there are only two major parties led by one center. Yet, they want us to allow for the formation of dozens of parties, in the name of democracy and freedom. In America (the United States), Communist parties are banned by the law, yet they want us not to ...

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The judge asked the assassin of former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat: “Why did you kill Sadat?    The killer answered: because he was “secular”    The judge asked: and do you know what does “secular” mean?     The killer simply said: No!! I don’t! In the incident of the attempt to assassinate the late Egyptian writer “Naguib Mahfouz,” the judge ...

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