The Art of Replying

  • An arrogant writer said to the famous author Bernard Shaw: “I am better than you because you write in order to gain money, while I write in order to seek honor!

Bernard Shaw immediately Replied him: “You are right, each one of us looks for what he lacks.”

  • The fat British Minister “Churchill” to the slim Bernard Shaw:”who sees you would think that England is in a famine”

“And who sees you would know the reason of the famine!!”Bernard Shaw replied.

  • When a humorless man said to the famous blind poet “Bashar Bin Burd”: God blinds a man only to compensate him, so how did He compensate you?

Bashar answered:”God compensated me that I do not see people like you!”

  • A blind man got married to a woman, so she said:”if you could see how beautiful and fair I am, you would be amazed!”

“If you were as you say, the sighted would not spare you for me.” he replied.

  • A man wanted to embarrass “the poet” Al-Mutanabbi, he said to him:”I saw you from a far distance and I thought you were a woman!”

“And I saw you from a far distance and I thought you were a man!”Al-Mutanabbi replied.

  • A very ugly woman said to a man:”If you were my husband, I would put poison in your coffee.”

The man answered:”If you were my wife, I would not hesitate a second to drink it.”

  • Juha went to a village, one of the villagers said to him: “I only recognized you from your donkey.”

Juha replied:”Donkeys know each other!”

  • A man saw a woman and said to her:”How beautiful you are!”

She replied:”I wish you were handsome to tell the same!”,

“It is ok, you can lie just as I did!” he said.

Smile.. may you have a good time!

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