Sarcastic quotes

Satirist writer Jalal Amer, who gained the title of the “Prince of Satirists” have these humorous quotes:

  • We fight as to how I believe in dialogue. You discuss issues with me and I discuss issues with you. You debate and I debate. You maintain dialogue with me and I do maintain dialogue with you. But once you disagree with me, I kill you.

  • Columbus discovered America. America invented “aid”. If aid went to governments, it is called “assistance”. If it went to NGOs, it is called “funding”.

  • Nowadays, if you want to vindicate a suspect, set him up a special court, and if you want to hide the truth, set up a committee.

  • If the people decided to live, they should emigrate immediately.

  • Upon the death of my father, mother and the law, I have only God to protect me

  • Do not look for annoyance. Do not worry. It surely knows your address.

  • A fraudulent would not succeed unless there are greedy people. A fibber would not be able to sell his lies unless there are ignorant people, and a tyrant would not rule without cowards.

  • The seven most laughable things: Stability, development, welfare, security, transparency, and democracy (there is still one missing. Once I remember it I will call you)!

  • We are extremely “democratic”. We start our discussions by exchanging views on politics and economy and ends up by exchanged views on mothers and fathers (i.e. swearing at one another).


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