France should readjust its Syria policies – Parliamentarians

In his address to the Parliamentary Debate held by the French National Assembly on the controversial counter-terrorism bill allegedly proposed to track down terrorists in Syria and Iraq, the French Parliament Member Nicolas Dhicq said: Dear colleagues, how many more tears Syrian women should shed?  Six years of war, by now. Six harrowing years. The Syrian conflict has been deliberately covered by three accumulative layers which complete one another. They have been carefully planned for to give the (false) impression that they are taken from the reality in Syria:

The first layer was the lobbying, financing and planning to ignite a civil war and sectarian feuding under the pretext of the so-called “Arab Spring”. This was in fact a mere prelude to set into motion an already set plan of a terrorist war on the entire region.

The second layer was done through financial funding and intellectual agitation to incite dissent and spark popular rebellions and protests, first in the rural areas with the aim of  broadening the scope of such “rebellions”  into  urban areas and major towns and cities. Thus, the first layer would be fully functioning. The “civil war” and internal feuding would then go on.

The third layer is extremely huge because it completes the other two layers.  It is represented by the role played by the Gulf-funded media and think-tanks, which would produce so many staged events and systematic propaganda materials  to provide a cover for the terrorist activities and the so many crimes of killing and destruction of the Syrian infrastructure, besides the deliberate destruction of the intellectual, cultural and civilizational legacy of the Syrian people. These Gulf-funded media arms would distort  and/or hide facts. They would falsely misrepresent traitors and minions and even terrorists as if they were “saviors” of the Syrian people and as if they had a just cause.

The Qatar-based “Al-Jazeerah” TV channel can be cited as an example, due to its extremely negative and pro-terrorist role towards the war on Syria.

Let us not forget the role and the presence of Muslim Brotherhoods and the Gulf powers, in front of whom  our Presidents used to bow and even prostrate, he reportedly said.

We should not forget the fact about a country that is the cradle of civilizations. It is a real country called Syria. We should not forget that it is in our interest to see the Syrian Arab Arm wins the war. It is in our interest not to forget that among Syria’s many martyrs there are some  30 to 40 thousand Syrian Arab Army troops currently fighting not only for their country but for our own freedom as well.

Who is going to talk about the Islamists who poison water in Damascus? Who is going to talk about Saint Louis hospital (now called the French Hospital) in Damascus, which was hit by Islamists shelling? We have already seen this in Maaloula where Christians were slaughtered by the so-called “moderate” al-Nusra Front ‘rebels’, who have been deemed by the Former French Foreign Minister as “doing a good job”?

Who is going to talk about the interests of Qatar and Saudi Arabia in Syria? Who is going to talk about the gas pipeline? Who is going to talk about the real reasons for this war?  Who is going to talk about the future of the civilization ? Do you want to say that there are  “good rebels” and “bad ones”? Do you want to make a difference between al-Nusra and al-Qaeda? Do you see any difference between these two, both of whom are willing and actually acting to annihilate humanity and decimate  culture?



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