The Suspicious Role of Tramp and his Son-in-law in the Events of the Kingdom of Sand

The phone call made by Tramp with the Saudi King is considered a sufficient indicator that his administration was not far from the coup developments in Saudi Arabia. The American media was concerned with the coup event from the perspective of its economic decline and financial backgrounds. Estimates concerning the number of billions seized by the Saudi crown prince from the senior princes and wealthy people in the Kingdom are also published on the social media.

Some estimates suggest that the value of confiscated wealth could exceed a trillion dollars. Some interpreted the campaign as an indicator of the aggravation of the economic crisis in the Kingdom and the urgent need for the financial liquidity that is not available in the treasury, which went bankrupt due to losing war in Yemen and arms deals with Trump’s administration.

The “Washington Post” Newspaper linked the time of the campaign with the secret visit made by Jared Kushner, the US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law to Saudi Arabia. The newspaper pointed that Koshner and Mohammed Bin Salman held lengthy rounds of in-depth talks lasted for several nights. “The Saudi crown prince and the US president’s Son-in-law were setting plans and scenarios during those meetings, which were lasting until the early hours of the morning” the Newspaper sources said.

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