Meet Detective Conan 2017 (The New York Times)

The New York Times appoints itself as an investigator and releases a video, continuing by which to exercise its propaganda and accusation against Syria and Russia concerning the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun. It –without any professional shame- depends on the witness of the terrorist “Shajol Islam”, whose identity and terrorist connections were published by the Syrian news Channel, according to what the Western media itself reported.

What is worth mentioning that the British Newspaper “The Sun”, also reported  the witness of the terrorist “Shajol Islam” about the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun on 04/04/2017 (the link, before it becomes aware of its scandal a few days after that intensive campaign and publishes the real identity of that terrorist on 08/04/2017 (the link, On 05/11/2016, the same newspaper published (the link, news that Shajol Islam receives “donations” of 50,000£ from British “charities”, in spite of his relation to the extremist groups and being convicted of kidnapping Western journalists.

It is worth mentioning that “The Sun” had also reported declarations of those it describes as “rebels” for the Israeli “Haaretz” Newspaper, immediately after the accident of Khan Sheikhoun without giving more details.

The Source “almahawer”



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