American journalist: Syrian president defeated us with his army and people

American journalist who writes in the Washington Post (Hanrik Bantenoy) said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has come close to declaring his victory over the world and the United States.  Bantenoy said “President Assad is very intelligent and his intelligence has exceeded the limits, and he has become an intolerable man for the West.

America has received successive slaps in its own home by this young man. The Syrian army deserves respect, it is a great army.

As no other army in the world can tolerate what it has endured.”. Adding: ” is it possible for a man to know that he is going to die if he went on some way and still go without giving a damn about what could happen.. . for the Syrian army’s men it is possible as  they only seek to save their regime and their country .. However, I say: In both cases I did not imagine that the Syrian army has all this courage and greatness. And that a young man with a beautiful, innocent face can rule an army and control his country like he does!” Bantenoy suggested that the United States rather than looking for ways to “drop him”;should be looking for the reason why he is still in power so far, why his army owes him all this allegiance, and why his people loves him that much. Is the Syrian people not following the media?

Do the Syrian people have no television in their homes? The Syrian people are not backward, and I do not think the classification of people from the Third World countries applies to them!! It is a must-have people for any country that wants to stay in this world .




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