Riyadh is pushing the region into a broader war – The Washington Post

A report run by the US-based Washington Post has cautioned that the policies pursued by Riyadh might plunge the Middle East region into a new quagmire disclosing the exact spot where war might break out soon.

Mark Lynch, Professor of Political Sciences at George Washington University,  noted that Riyadh  might have indeed succeeded in handling its internal problems, but has miserably failed in its foreign policy. Saudi Arabia is now rocked with several international and local  crises in the wake of the wide-scale “purges” that included the arrest of  so many  Princes and high-profile officials  allegedly in a sweeping anti-corruption campaign. Adding to this the announced resignation by the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri  while he was in Riyadh.

This wide-scale transition of power in Saudi Arabia and its specific devious pattern of doomed  interventionist foreign policies should be seen and understood  within the broader regional context, the author said. Several notable regional observers have cautioned that al-Hariri’s curious resignation may trigger a spiraling political crisis that may eventually culminate into a military campaign against Hizbollah.

However, Lynch believes that any potential military campaign against  Hizbollah would not be any better fate than the several other  previous “bold” Foreign policy initiatives sold to the public as “a winnable blitz,” where a swift victory and a subsequent popular support are almost certain  just to see them derailed into a bloody quagmire of destabilization.

The source: Addiyar




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