The terrorists in Syria are buying US weapons via Telegram application

Opposition militants in Syria have been using “Telegram” application to buy US weapons on the publicly open black market,  the Foreign Policy magazine reported.

 The US-based magazine published dozens of snapshots showing messages of weapons purchases, including US-made firepower and parts of anti-tank missiles.

The Magazine quoted the representative of the US-led Coalition Forces in Syria as saying that these weapons could have been a part of the now-stalled US program for the support of opposition forces in Syria. The CIA has decided to stop this program about half a year ago.

According to the Magazine, some 5,000 individuals have been involved in this black market, which was active via Telegram application. Both sellers and buyers were basically located in the North-West of Idleb province, where opposition forces and some other militias are deployed.

The weapons offered for sale via Telegram originated  from the United States, Serbia, China, Turkey and several other countries. And the weapons purchased via this curious application included fire-power arms, rifles, Kalashnikovs, and various sorts of explosives taken from unexploded ordinance of  warplanes air raids.

The source: The Foreign Policy.



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