Daily Archives: Sunday November 26th, 2017

Strategic Analyst Mohammad Sadiq al-Husayni tweets:

May I have your attention please- Do not buy the amplifying of the Wahhabi media and don’t let it sneak into your minds, There is no war ! they are terrified. All their screams on Lebanon and Iran and their intimidation and exaggeration is aimed at completing the current US coup in Riyadh. Lebanon is not in danger, Lebanon is ...

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Only in the colloquial Syrian dialect

The Syrian dialect has some unique features. One word or verb is used in so many different ways. The verb “sleep/slept”  (transliterated NAM) is used in the Syrian local dialect in such a diverse way that it takes different meanings in each case. For instance: Slept on the money =  He stole them and never mentioned it. Slept on the ...

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