Strategic Analyst Mohammad Sadiq al-Husayni tweets:

  • May I have your attention please- Do not buy the amplifying of the Wahhabi media and don’t let it sneak into your minds, There is no war ! they are terrified.

  • All their screams on Lebanon and Iran and their intimidation and exaggeration is aimed at completing the current US coup in Riyadh.

  • Lebanon is not in danger, Lebanon is safe and stable, Lebanon is not exposed to aggression, they are terrified of the atmosphere of our victory.

  • Wahhabism is fighting in the last square before Diriyah and it will lose Riyadh and Jeddah soon so do not be afraid of its scream.

  • They are swaying because our victory in Syria and Iraq is convulsing, so don’t be fooled by the tweets of their screaming slaves as they are only a reflection of their oppressed master’s pains.

  • It’s the battle of the last quarter ,you are suffering as they suffer but the difference is big as our pains are those of labor while theirs are pains of dying.

  • The American coup in Riyadh was successful in withdrawing one trillion and 500 billion dollars from the princes of the palaces, which means that the employment of Lebanon has reached its end.

  • So it is only days till the American master will slowly starts pulling the Saudi wick that was used to blow up Lebanon.

  • Soft Barbarism is the title of Wahhabi diplomacy , obvious in their hold of the President of the Republic of Yemen and the Prime Minister of Lebanon as hostages.

  • Political bullying is the title of the Wahhabism policy with their followers and jugglers: do what we want or quit the political work

  • Thugs of the Little Prince are official American forces affiliated with Trump’s son-in-law , and they arrested, investigated and tortured the princes of the palace  to rape their money.

  • Who killed Rafik Hariri in the past is who kidnapped and arrested Saad Hariri today ,do not go in circles, they are the CIA and their acquiescent tool Saudi Wahhabism.

  • Bin Salman asked the Israelis to strike at Hezbollah, but they rejected it and told him that they could not tolerate its repercussions even without Iran’s intervention. They proposed an alternative solution to the direct war: to blow Lebanon from within and ignite a civil war to destroy the party’s capabilities without getting involved in a war.

  • The American and the Russian both oppose the war ,and the US considers that a war against Hezbollah will have devastating consequences for Israel and Saudi Arabia.

  • Therefore, with information, there is no war. Lebanon is a country that is protected by a mighty military force, Lebanon is not profaned , it is protected by Allah (God) and his party.




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