The Syrian Blessing

By Former French Ambassador Michel Rambaut

Would there be life through all theseextensively long years of rambling hell and thick fog Syria has survived, without hope?

Let us first think of the Syrian people, who have been subjected to oppression and genocide. Let us think about their National Army, which has had to pay such a dear price to repel this unprecedented barbaric aggression waged against it by a team of “friends.” Let us responsibly think of those who defied the “International Community” by holding up with their own hands a state targeted by a criminal (international) policy.

We shall also think of the (true) friends who backed and supported legitimate Syria along with everything they loved about it: The lenient, friendly and world-class civilized pluralistic society, endangered of going extinct once and for all.

True that the torch has never faded away nor has been extinguished, but even to the most optimist of all, there still are some serious questions to be asked and skepticisms  to be expressed about the future,  in view of the Islamist-Israeli-Western coalition funded by  hundreds of billions of  petro-dollars and still drawing countless recruits from an inexhaustible sea of mercenaries coming from a hundred skyline. But would Syria be able to withstand the savage onslaught of predatory beasts unleashed on her by big, small or medium forces of the imperialist “Axis of the Good”?

Would she be able to repel the massive hordes of savage democratic Jihadists, moderate terrorists and/or coward “rebels,” who have been on rendezvous under the cover of the so-called “Free Syrian Army,” directed by Syria’s worst enemies and obediently taking their orders from the Islamists and their Godfathers?

As it was the case with all other countries that have been plunged into such a state of disorder, Syria has experienced some unavoidable instances of creeps, treasons, collusions and some forms of corruption, both big,  small or even medium. Yet, its people have valiantly stood their grounds with utmost nobility.  The state institutions have also stood steadfast and remained resilient.  Likewise have done officeholders. Thanks to its amazing resilience, the Syrian state has mastered the art of matching up with strong allies. Itknew how to gain their trust and faithfulness: Russia and China on the one hand and Iran, Hizbollah and allies on the other.

This was the situation that prevented a replay of the Iraq, Libya and Yemen scenarios in the Levant (Bilad as Sham). The “Major Democracies”  could not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to all these embarrassing and perplexing realities. Since the end of the Cold War, Syria has been in the cross-hair and has been “sentenced” to death and destruction. The “elites” that, back then, have been embedded in the ranks of the NeoCons could not find a better way than subjugating “the public mind” to an unprecedented media campaign coupled with a preposterous endeavor ofsilencing and brain-washing. Regarding the conflict in Syria, the mainstream official line has reduced its entire sciences and media into one or two abrupt phrases that have miserably mirrored the limited intelligence of our rulers, analysts and intellectuals: The phrases that “Bashar must go” and/or “There is no place for Bashar in Syria’s future” expressively reflected the obstinate arrogance of the westerners. But out of blue, the “Syrian Curse” has intervened as if destined to condemn decision-makers,  opinion-makers and all those who missed the opportunity of remaining silent.

Long is the list of those smearers/swearers who would cynically throw Bashar al-Assad into the Hague, Moscow, underground or many other places. They have been drafting schemes for the lost planet of Syria and fancying for her a future they would never be able to see. How many of them! There have been quite a lot who would parrot the same tweet for years until their voters, the Divine Providence or the self-inflicted justice dumped them into the history dustbin or into total absentia. So, to obliviousness you go, you hordes of clowns and fiddlers so-called “Friends of Syria”! Bashar al-Assad is omnipresent. No one can force him into the absence. The popularity he enjoys in his country many would dream to have a semblance of.

Syria now is marching towards the victory that many enemies – in view of their limitless capacities- have over-ruled as “impossible”. This Syria is still standing, while the dispute triggered by their defeat has ensued within the ranks of its attackers. Chaos is ruling in their ranks. We need not believe in Heaven to admit thatthere is indeed a “Syria Curse” that has struck and is still striking the enemies of this God-protected Sacred Land.

We have also to talk about Syria’s Blessing. What is going on right now is perfectly fair and logical. Yet, the awaited outcome of this cosmic war is somehow miraculous, especially for those who firmly believed in the future. This victory has been deservedly gained by Syria. And regardless of all the rhetoric of poor-minded ones, there is an amazing people and an extraordinary army. Allow me to go a little bit further and say: If there ever been a Statesman who deserves to live on the face of the Earth, it is the President who knew how to impersonate hope, who knew how to remain loyal to his alliances, and who knew how to lead his country to the victory. According to all estimates, Syria has won the war. Now it has to win peace. The valiant country, which fought on our behalf,  should surely have all the necessary potentials to successfully meet this new challenge and prevent the mutation of this war into an “absurd war” – God forbid!

Such a success would be the reward that immeasurably out-weigh revenge. It would make up for the huge sacrifices offered by the so manypeople who paid the price: Both dead and alive.

Translated from French into Arabic by Father Elias Zahlawi and from French into English by Syrianfacts



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