Gratitude to the Parents is redeemable debt

Relating his personal story, a father once said that some fifty years ago he joined his father to perform the Hajj (pilgrimage) ritual. They took the journey with a caravan carried by camels. When they passed by a certain location, the father had to answer the call of nature. So, the son helped him get down from the camel’s back.

The father had to be alone in such a situation, so he told his son to leave him behind and not to miss the caravan.

Go ahead with the caravan, son! And I shall join you soon, the father told his son. The son obeyed his father and proceeded with the caravan. But after a while, the son noticed that the caravan has gone so far away leaving the father way behind. So, he ran back to his father, carried him on his shoulders and proceeded towards the caravan as quickly as he could.

While in their way, the son felt that some drops of water were running down his face, only to realize that these drops were in fact the tears of his father.

He told his father: Why are you weeping? I swear by God that I feel your weight on my shoulders as light as a feather or even lighter.

The father  answered: Not for that am I weeping. I am weeping because exactly in this spot/place, I have once carried my own father.

Kindness/gratitude never dies away. Wrong-doing can never be forgotten and creditors never die.

Gratitude and kindness to the parents is a redeemable debt. The way you treat your parents today, you shall be treated with the same way one day.

Do whatever you like, but remember that:  What goes around comes around.



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